Windsor Hip Hop Explosion Reloaded LIVE at Villains Beastro!
Live Performances: The Hoodie & Jazzy Lee: Fresh faces in the Windsor Hip Hop scene, ready to set the stage ablaze. RYOT: Known for making noise in Windsor and performing for the Windsor Express Pro basketball team. SoSo Sammie & Dana Menard: Windsor Hip Hop legends, now solo artists from the iconic group No Drama. Kayyce: Windsor Hip Hop Award-winning artist and local icon. Proceeds for this event go to Share The Love Outreach Program Support a great cause! Share The Love Outreach Program is dedicated to empowering kids through music and entertainment. By attending this event, you contribute to programs such as an online radio station, a breakfast club for kids, a resell shop, and music business education. We also organize music festivals for kids, fostering creativity, confidence, and entrepreneurship while promoting a positive and inclusive community.
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